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Before/After projects created in 24H

Our 24H Before/After Projects are project presentation boards which you can receive in digital format.

A2 Format - Dimension (H) 420 x (W) 594 mm - 4961 x 7016 px - Resolution: 300 dpi - File type: JPG

You can print them or share them with whoever you want by eMail, by WhatsApp or by Social.

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Designing and realizing a garden with swimming pool or outdoor areas for accommodation facilities are substantial and long-term investments.

What if there was a way to reduce this waiting time to 24 hours and quickly get an idea of the potential of your outdoor space?

eWELL is the solution! Through the 24H Before/After Project, eWELL becomes the first web design platform which, thanks to the creativity of expert landscape designers, can provide you with a project concept, that is, a personailized preliminary idea from where starting an executive project for the realization of your outdoor space.

Optimize times and costs

By purchasing the 24H Before/After Projects through the eWELL platform, you can receive online and in short time design ideas of your outdoor space, before commissioning expensive and long-lasting executive projects. By doing so, we allow you to immediately evaluate with low costs and in just 24 hours if - in general - you are following or not the right direction for finally starting a more detailed project of your garden with your trusted technician.

How does it work?

  1. Buy the 24H Before/After Project;  
  2. Receive immediately by e-mail the eWELL form;
  3. Fill in the eWELL form as well as the Wishing form you find inside the eWELL form;
  4. Take 1 picture of your Outdoor Area*;
  5. Send us by email your picture (or your rendering) and the filled out eWELL form;
  6. Receive by email the 24H Before/After Project in 24 hours**.

* Take 1 photo of an area of interest for which you would like to receive our 24H Before/After Project. For instance: garden, terrace, balcony, courtyard, shop, exhibition booth or stand, urban area, outdoor spaces for hotel and public places, accommodation facility outdoor spaces, outdoor installation for religious events as well as for open air ceremonies, etc. You can send 1 photo or send 1 rendering for already existing green zones, for construction areas or for spaces which will be built in the future.

If you are a designer you can send us 1 photo or 1 rendering.

IMPORTANT! Both the photo and the rendering must be sent with horizontal orientation. Vertical-oriented photos will not be processed.

** Starting from date of order processing to the delivery date we guarantee 24 hours for elaborating your 24H Before/After Project. After making the purchase you will receive an email which will inform you about the date of order processing

What do I get?

The 24H Before/After Project. It is the project presentation board, a graphic art which contains:

  1. The Before.It is your photo (or your rendering) that you will send us, showing the current situation of yor outdoor area . On this we will elaborate the 24H Before/After Project according on your Wishing form.
  2. The After. It is our design solution, an idea which shows the way you could transform your outdoor space.
  3. The Project Description. It explains the context and the process of the design solution.
  4. The Technical references. They are 4 real references related to tree species, materials and finishes, pool and SPA typology, furniture and lighting for the realization of your outdoor area.

Project specifications

Printable digital image – Format: A2 – Dimension: (H) 420 x (W) 594 mm – 4961 x 7016 px – Resolution: 300 dpi – File type: JPG

24H Before/After Project

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Terms and Conditions

  1. The project idea (here called “Project“) is an online consulting service. It consists of a preliminary idea that does not guarantee the feasibility of the idea itself.
  2. The term “24H” means the maximum time that passes from the day of taking charge of the order to the day of delivery, which is guaranteed within 24 hours for the processing of the Project. The day of taking charge of the order will be communicated via email after the purchase of the 24H Before/After Project.
  3. The information entered by the purchaser for completing the eWELL form will be considered complete and accurate. Any variation of the above information will require the approval of the WELL DESIGN STUDIO and may be subject to an increase of the costs.
  4. Information – Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03. Your data will be processed in full compliance with the provisions in force only by authorized representatives. The provision of data is compulsory and authorizes the processing in relation to the aforementioned purpose. The refusal to provide such data will make it impossible to implement initiatives related to the service offered.

Do you want a complete project with 3D rendering?

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